Joseph, Casimir (1941�   )

30. 'Diego Rivera recoit Toussaint L'Overture�'
c1974 (16x12)


   Joseph began drawing as a schoolboy and in his early 20s studied at the Port-au-Prince School of Art. He soon despaired of making a living from his art and moved into a variety of jobs: he worked for the National Service for the Eradication of Malaria and later operated a hair dressing salon. For years he painted little and only in his spare time.
    In 1974 the fine sculptor Ludovic Booz persuaded Joseph to return to his art full�time. He's since focused on small, exquisitely detailed works, beginning with historical scenes. He is today Ha
�ti's supreme miniaturist.
   Diego Rivera, a Dominican national hero, is said to be the first 'international' leader to recognize the independence of the ex�slaves' nation, though Ethiopia also claims that honor. Ha�ti responded, a few years later, by invading and occupying its neighbor � and freeing the colony's relatively small slave population.


     Joseph, Gracia (   �   )

175. 'Tin Roofs'
c1999 (8x24)

   According Galerie Metisse, Joseph was born in the Artibonite, is a Roman Catholic priest, and began submitting works to the Centre d'Art as early as 1977. He's said to be self�taught; his delicate stroke and muted colors certainly have little in common with the Artibonite school. Gracia Joseph is listed and illustrated in Eva Pataki's book (see Reading).

     Joseph, Jasmin* (1923�   )

116. 'La Indienne'
c1988 (39x13)

Jasmin Joseph is the leading allegorist among Haitian painters.
   Born in Grande Rivi�re du Nord, Joseph went to the Centre d' Art in 1945 as a sculptor. By 1950 Dewitt Peters had persuaded him to focus on painting. He soon added two murals to the famous group in the Episcopal Cathedral.
   A lay preacher, the militantly Protestant Joseph often infuses his paintings with a moralistic meaning, though no Christian themes are evident in these two. His works are much prized by Haitian art collectors. He is fun and more: he is among the finest of Haitian artists.








153. Bear with Backpack
c1995 (47x17)










     Joseph, Roland (   �   )

86. Ville fantastique
c1985 (16x12)

Nothing known; just liked it.
So far as I know, no one has called Roland Joseph 'the new Hyppolite,' though the thought occurred to me as I bought this work.




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