Joseph, Casimir (1941–   )

30. 'Diego Rivera recoit Toussaint L'Overture…'
c1974 (16x12)


   Joseph began drawing as a schoolboy and in his early 20s studied at the Port-au-Prince School of Art. He soon despaired of making a living from his art and moved into a variety of jobs: he worked for the National Service for the Eradication of Malaria and later operated a hair dressing salon. For years he painted little and only in his spare time.
    In 1974 the fine sculptor Ludovic Booz persuaded Joseph to return to his art full–time. He's since focused on small, exquisitely detailed works, beginning with historical scenes. He is today Ha
ïti's supreme miniaturist.
   Diego Rivera, a Dominican national hero, is said to be the first 'international' leader to recognize the independence of the ex–slaves' nation, though Ethiopia also claims that honor. Haïti responded, a few years later, by invading and occupying its neighbor — and freeing the colony's relatively small slave population.


     Joseph, Gracia (   –   )

175. 'Tin Roofs'
c1999 (8x24)

   According Galerie Metisse, Joseph was born in the Artibonite, is a Roman Catholic priest, and began submitting works to the Centre d'Art as early as 1977. He's said to be self–taught; his delicate stroke and muted colors certainly have little in common with the Artibonite school. Gracia Joseph is listed and illustrated in Eva Pataki's book (see Reading).

     Joseph, Jasmin* (1923–   )

116. 'La Indienne'
c1988 (39x13)

Jasmin Joseph is the leading allegorist among Haitian painters.
   Born in Grande Riviére du Nord, Joseph went to the Centre d' Art in 1945 as a sculptor. By 1950 Dewitt Peters had persuaded him to focus on painting. He soon added two murals to the famous group in the Episcopal Cathedral.
   A lay preacher, the militantly Protestant Joseph often infuses his paintings with a moralistic meaning, though no Christian themes are evident in these two. His works are much prized by Haitian art collectors. He is fun and more: he is among the finest of Haitian artists.








153. Bear with Backpack
c1995 (47x17)










     Joseph, Roland (   –   )

86. Ville fantastique
c1985 (16x12)

Nothing known; just liked it.
So far as I know, no one has called Roland Joseph 'the new Hyppolite,' though the thought occurred to me as I bought this work.




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