Hector Hyppolite (1891?-1948) Reproduction

                            249. Le Grand Maitre
    Le Grand Maitre -- also called 'The Three-Eyed King' -- is one of the legendary Hector Hyppolite's most famous paintings.
   Despairing of ever owning a first-class Hyppolite, and wanting to fill a glaring hole in my collection, I commissioned this copy from an online enterprise that specializes in reproductions: galeriedada.com. The work was painted in and shipped to California from Vietnam -- for perhaps a tenth of one percent of the price the original would command if it ever went on the market.
  Most of Hyppolite's paintings are representations of -- and tributes to -- the lwas (loas). Background is therefore unimportant: the focus is on the lwas and vodou elements.
  The original is (or was) in the
Mus�e d�Art Ha�tien du Coll�ge Saint-Pierre, Port-au-Prince.

(There is no enlargement of this reproduction.)



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