Civil, Didier (1973�   )

190. Laundry Day_
c1999 (24x20)

  Born in Jacmel, Didier Civil began painting in his teens. In 2014, on Facebook, he identified Laundry Day as one of his early works. The last time he saw the painting, he wrote, it was in a Jacmel gallery. I obtained it from the Baudin Dental Mission, a Roman Catholic charity in the Artibonite. Civil has no idea how it got from Jacmel to the mountains of Ha�ti.

   The painting is exquisite in its detail. My wife, however, objects to it on the grounds that the child is drinking from a rhum bottle. I prefer to believe that the booze was drained long ago and the bottle refilled with milk � fresh, whole, and pasteurized.
   In a brief but typically incisive biographical sketch, Bill Bollendorf ( calls Civil "
one of he best kept secrets in Haitian art." He paints both scenes of everyday life and vodou scenes � always in exquisite detail. He is also and especially accomplished in papier-m�ch�.
   For several years now Civil has visited or resided and worked in the United States on
"a coveted 0-1 Visa for the Arts by the US Immigration Service; the rare visa is awarded for 'Extraordinary Ability.'"

     Clervil, Francky (   �   )

182. Washing_
1997 (26x15)

Nothing known: just liked it.
I'm not alone: a website featuring works by the artist opens "Not much is known about Francky Clervil. . . ."
lervil paintings are -- or have been -- for sale on several online galleries, including Macondo, Martelly, and Haitian Art Company (as well as eBay), so the lack of biographical information is a bit surprising.
he scene in Washing is evocative of what one sees in streams all over Ha�ti. (The artist dated the painting just below his signature.)

     Dambreville, Claude (1934�   )

177. Woman with Carrots_
c1999 (30x15)

   Dambreville is a poet, novelist, short story writer, and journalist � and sometime accountant and radio station manager � who began painting in his mid�30s. He is also the son�in�law of the late, great Petion Savain. He is, finally, an expatriate: he has made his home for several years in South Florida.
   The artist maintains his own website:
It offers a wealth of biographical information.
   Dambreville is among the finest of all Haitian realists.

     Deetjen, Rony�Joseph (1953�   )

49. Revolutionary Generals
c1979 (18x24)

Nothing known: just liked it
Deetjen is clearly from the northern school � and this work was bought at Trois Visages, the Cap-Ha�tien gallery which afforded me a memorable evening (see Saint-Fleurant).
   The painter was almost certainly a student of  Philom� Obin. The attention to detail in the work, as well as its subject, would have pleased the old master, who may well have seen the work and would surely have commended it if he did. Philom� would not have objected to the too quickly narrowing of the hall, front to back, since his own work often displayed a similarly inventive perspective.
   The only online reference I've found for Deetjen was a 2012 offering by the Skinner auction house. It sold a pedestrian, 17x20" scene of field workers for $123.


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