Abelard, Gesner (1922�   )

82. Noah's Ark
c1979 (24x30)

   Abelard is a 'first generation' artist, though not one of the more celebrated. He's noted especially for cheerful Biblical scenes and intricate, decorative canvasses.
   'First generation' artists came to the fore in the years following the 1944 opening of Le Centre d'Art by the American Quaker Dewitt Peters. Abelard himself joined the Centre in 1946, having worked previously as a sculptor.
   Several of the 'first generation' artists � notably Castera Bazile, Rigaud Benoit, Wilson Bigaud, Pr�f�te Duffaut,and Philom� Obin � executed the world�famous murals that adorned the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Port�au�Prince, and that were destroyed in the 2010 earthquake. Other artists whose works graced that Episcopal church include Jasmin Joseph, Adam L�ontus, and Gabriel L�v�que.  


     Aladin, Agathe (1970�   )

199. Sc�ne rurale_
c1999 (12x16)

   Agathe is the daughter of Th�ard Aladin. She began painting only after his death. Her style is derivative of her father's; some collectors like her work better than his.
  Bill Bollendorf of the Macondo Gallery (artshaitian.com) has been an avid supporter of both Aladins and instrumental in bringing their work to the attention of the Ha�tian art world.

       Aladin, Th�ard (1925?�93)

191. C�r�monie � Bassin Bleu
c1980 (20x24)

197. Woman on Bridge
1979 (24x16)

198. C�r�monie vodou
1979 (24x16)

   A bricklayer much of his life, Th�ard began painting in 1971 following a disabling accident. He claimed a vodou ('voodoo') goddess, in a dream, told him his future lay in art. The lwa (or loa), in turn, may have been inspired by the fact that two of Th�ard's distant cousins � Pr�f�te Duffaut and Pauleus Vital � are among the all�too�few Haitian painters who've made comfortable livings from their art.
   Th�ard Aladin is a quintessential na�f.


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