Valcin, Pierre–Joseph (1927–2000)

113. Bourgeois Dance
c1987 (24x30)

148. Bawon Samdi (Baron Samédi)_
c1995 (20x24)

161. Mariage
  c1997 (20x16)




   Pierre–Joseph was Gérard Valcin's step–brother (some authorities say half–brother). Their arts are strikingly different.
   Both were 'self-taughts.' But where Gérard was a precise and careful draftsman, Pierre–Joseph was more a 'self-taught impressionist.' (One writer has called him 'the prince of the naïfs.')
   Their lifestyles also varied. Gèrard was a free spirit; Pierre–Joseph was a family man. Gérard was financially successful; his art permitted him to buy a small, but nice and airy suburban house. Pierre–Joseph lived in a depressing Port–au–Prince hovel without electricity or running water.
   A stonemason and auto mechanic until middle age, Pierre–Joseph was encouraged to paint by his step–brother and by Prêféte Duffaut. He quickly developed his own style. (The brothers' arts may be compared directly by clicking the Bourgeois Dance thumbnail.)
   A gentle and modest man, Pierre–Joseph refused to trade on his brother's fame and success. During the first half of his painting career he signed his works 'Pierre Joseph,' only later adding 'Valcin.'  

   I knew both Gérard and Pierre–Joseph Valcin and liked them a lot
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   Bourgeois Dance and Mariage are characteristic works: the artist delighted in everyday scenes. Bawan Samdi (Baron Samedi) isn't typical: Pierre–Joseph rarely painted either vodou or violence.

  The three works to the right were purchased together from Aderson Exumé, a leading collector in Maryland from whom I have also obtained woks by Castera Bazile, Rigaud Benoit, René Exumé, and Celestin Faustin.

257. Mother&Daughter
c1990 (24x20)

258. Family Harvest
c1990 (24x20)

259. To Market
c1990 (24x20)


     Valestin, Michel (1962 –   )

196. Marina
c1999 (20x24)

     I'm not much attracted to impressionists (or neo–impressionists); but I found this painting exquisite in color and interesting in composition.
   Valestin is one of many artists encouraged and assisted by Issa El–Saieh. He has been exhibited both in Europe and the United States. (I've listed his birthdate as 1962. I've seen it also as 1953 and 1955.)

     Valmidor, Jacques (1955/58 –   )

162. Noël_
c1997 (20x16)

     Valmidor began painting when he was only eight years old. His work is carried by several galleries. He's a good naïf, with interesting 'flat' compositions and coloring as rich as any I've seen. I know nothing more about him. As with several other Haitian artists, even his date of birth is given variously by different sources.



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