Valcin, Pierre�Joseph (1927�2000)

113. Bourgeois Dance
c1987 (24x30)

148. Bawon Samdi (Baron Sam�di)_
c1995 (20x24)

161. Mariage
  c1997 (20x16)




   Pierre�Joseph was G�rard Valcin's step�brother (some authorities say half�brother). Their arts are strikingly different.
   Both were 'self-taughts.' But where G�rard was a precise and careful draftsman, Pierre�Joseph was more a 'self-taught impressionist.' (One writer has called him 'the prince of the na�fs.')
   Their lifestyles also varied. G�rard was a free spirit; Pierre�Joseph was a family man. G�rard was financially successful; his art permitted him to buy a small, but nice and airy suburban house. Pierre�Joseph lived in a depressing Port�au�Prince hovel without electricity or running water.
   A stonemason and auto mechanic until middle age, Pierre�Joseph was encouraged to paint by his step�brother and by Pr�f�te Duffaut. He quickly developed his own style. (The brothers' arts may be compared directly by clicking the Bourgeois Dance thumbnail.)
   A gentle and modest man, Pierre�Joseph refused to trade on his brother's fame and success. During the first half of his painting career he signed his works 'Pierre Joseph,' only later adding 'Valcin.'  

   I knew both G�rard and Pierre�Joseph Valcin and liked them a lot
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   Bourgeois Dance and Mariage are characteristic works: the artist delighted in everyday scenes. Bawan Samdi (Baron Samedi) isn't typical: Pierre�Joseph rarely painted either vodou or violence.

  The three works to the right were purchased together from Aderson Exum�, a leading collector in Maryland from whom I have also obtained woks by Castera Bazile, Rigaud Benoit, Ren� Exum, and Celestin Faustin.

257. Mother&Daughter
c1990 (24x20)

258. Family Harvest
c1990 (24x20)

259. To Market
c1990 (24x20)


     Valestin, Michel (1962 �   )

196. Marina
c1999 (20x24)

     I'm not much attracted to impressionists (or neo�impressionists); but I found this painting exquisite in color and interesting in composition.
   Valestin is one of many artists encouraged and assisted by Issa El�Saieh. He has been exhibited both in Europe and the United States. (I've listed his birthdate as 1962. I've seen it also as 1953 and 1955.)

     Valmidor, Jacques (1955/58 �   )

162. No�l_
c1997 (20x16)

     Valmidor began painting when he was only eight years old. His work is carried by several galleries. He's a good na�f, with interesting 'flat' compositions and coloring as rich as any I've seen. I know nothing more about him. As with several other Haitian artists, even his date of birth is given variously by different sources.



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