Philippe�Auguste, Salnave* (1908�89)

90. Nude and Flamingos_
c1980 (24x20)





   A Port�au�Prince native, a member of the mulatre elite and a lawyer, Salnave Philippe�Auguste turned to art in his 50s. It was safer under Fran�ois Duvalier than practicing law. Score one for Papa Doc. (The elder Duvalier ruled from 1957 to 1971. His son, Jean�Claude � 'Baby Doc,' 19 years old at his accession � maintained the dictatorship until 1986.)
   Philippe�Auguste developed an unusual method of painting. He did 'cut�outs' and used them to place figures on his canvases. The same flamingo, lion, or tree might appear � in different settings � in two or several paintings.
   A first�class draftsman and vivid colorist, Philippe�Auguste was among the most sought�after Haitian artists even during his lifetime. A work similar to Nude and Flamingos sold for $4,000 at a New York City auction in the mid�1970s; Sotheby Park Bernet heralded the bid as the most ever paid for a living Haitian artist. It wasn't; but it was more than a Philippe�Auguste had ever commanded. A similar work at that dollar�amount would be a fairly good buy today; but $4,000 then is like $16,000 in 2014 dollars.

(There is no enlargement for 108. Jungle.)




118. Lion and Lioness
c1989 (20x26)

108. Jungle
c1986 (print: 19x25)


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