Obin, Sénêque (1893–1977)

122. Masonic Funeral
n/d (20x24)

221. 'Henry Christophe…'
1961 (16x20)








   Sènêque was a younger brother of Philomé Obin.
   The three Loge Haitennes are among the very few paintings I've purchased at least in part as investments — which is why I have three so similar works. Some connoisseurs of Ha
ïtian art rank Sènêque close to his brother in talent and achievement, as I do. Though I bought the Loges with the idea of some day selling one or two of them, I'd have difficulty parting with any of the three.
   Like his elder brother, Sènêque was a Baptist and an avid Freemason, which explains both Masonic Funeral and the three Loges.
He may have intended them as gifts to fellow Masons or as decoration in the lodge itself. Sènêque in fact painted the Loge many times. (See, for example,  These three as well as Funeral were obtained from his son Othon, also a fine painter.
   Henry Christophe
Roi d'Haïti was obtained from a couple in Montréal. They had bought a home from the heirs to an estate; in the house were over two dozen Ha
ïtian paintings — all gems, many by 'old masters.'H The sellers, having no interest in Haïtian art, threw the paintings in gratis. The homebuyers sold most of the works at bargain prices; both they and I gained.
   It's fascinating to compare Sènêque's treatment of this subject with his brother's. Philomé's version, which I commissioned, was completed in 1980; Sènêque's is dated 'Cap Haïtien 61.'


H Others in my collection are by Sully Obin and Micius Stéphane.









130. 'Loge Haitienne No 61'
n/d (20x24)

134. 'Loge Haitienne, No 61'

n/d (24x30)

138. 'Loge Haitienne, No 61'
           n/d (20x24)



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