Monplaisir, Guy (   �   )

158. Cap�Haitien Scene
c1997 (20x24)

Nothing known: just liked it.
   Monplaisir included 'Cap�Haitien' in his signature�bloc; and this is a scene typical of Le Cap artists who depict their generally beautiful hometown: it is rich and meticulous in detail.



    Mompremier, Madsen (1953�   )

125. La Sir�ne, Agou�, and Their Family_
c1985 (24x32)


     Born in Gona�ves, Mompremier began painting in 1973 as a student of G�rard Valcin. I've seen many of his works in galleries: nearly all have been colorful vodou interpretations, often with La Sir�ne, Agou�, or both. A superb artist, his works have been exhibited widely in the Caribbean, in Europe, and in the U.S.






159. 'Mariage du La Sir�ne et Agou�'
c1997 (30x40)

     Normil, Andr� (1934�2014)

88. 'Ha�ti. Vive la difference.'_
c1985 (poster: 27x24)


   The Haitian Tourist Agency commissioned Port�au�Prince native Andr� Normil to paint the work that became the Agency's promotional poster.
   I once had a fine original by Normil quite similar to that in the print. I sold it � and should not have.
   The small Normil 'Fresco Vendor' was obtained in an auction.

                                                           239. 'Fresco Vendor'
                                                                c2000 (16x20










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