Monplaisir, Guy (   –   )

158. Cap–Haitien Scene
c1997 (20x24)

Nothing known: just liked it.
   Monplaisir included 'Cap–Haitien' in his signature–bloc; and this is a scene typical of Le Cap artists who depict their generally beautiful hometown: it is rich and meticulous in detail.



    Mompremier, Madsen (1953–   )

125. La Sirène, Agoué, and Their Family_
c1985 (24x32)


     Born in Gonaïves, Mompremier began painting in 1973 as a student of Gérard Valcin. I've seen many of his works in galleries: nearly all have been colorful vodou interpretations, often with La Sirène, Agoué, or both. A superb artist, his works have been exhibited widely in the Caribbean, in Europe, and in the U.S.






159. 'Mariage du La Sirène et Agoué'
c1997 (30x40)

     Normil, André (1934–2014)

88. 'Haïti. Vive la difference.'_
c1985 (poster: 27x24)


   The Haitian Tourist Agency commissioned Port–au–Prince native André Normil to paint the work that became the Agency's promotional poster.
   I once had a fine original by Normil quite similar to that in the print. I sold it — and should not have.
   The small Normil 'Fresco Vendor' was obtained in an auction.

                                                           239. 'Fresco Vendor'
                                                                c2000 (16x20










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