Lafaille, Raymond (1956�   )

150. Sc�ne rurale
c1995 (8x10)

   Lafaille has been exhibited in the United States, Canada, and various Caribbean countries. The artist has claimed � and some sources report � that he studied with Claude Dambreville. Dambreville denies it. (Something is going on here that I'm quite satisfied not to explore.)

     Lafontant, Yves (1939�   )

74. Iron Market_
c1982 (20x24)

   Lafontant is a stepson of the great Rigaud Benoit. A careful painter, he studied art (and English) at Brooklyn College and may now once again reside in the United States or Canada � as do Benoit's three children by the daughter of the legendary Hector Hyppolite.




          Latortue, Franklyn (1942�   )


26. Rural Vengeance
c1976 (24x20)

   Franklyn Latortue, born in Port�au�Prince, joined the Centre d'Art in 1963. He emigrated to the United States in 1969. He's had exhibitions at Columbia University and elsewhere in the U.S. and in Ha�ti. His output is rather small.






     Latortue, Philton (1944�   )

165. La famille lion_
c1999 (20x16)

   Philton Latortue, also a Port�au�Prince native, joined the Centre d'Art in 1962. He has been widely exhibited � throughout North America, the Caribbean, Europe, and Japan.
   His earlier work was more interesting in its variety of subjects. In recent years LaTortue has focused on anthropomorphic animal scenes. La famille lion is one in a series that traces a lion's life from infancy to 'manhood.' Though somewhat cartoon�like, the pieces are well done.


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