Joachim, Jean�Claude (   �   )

68. � l'ekol
c1980 (20x16)

Nothing known: just liked it.
Besides, having worked for teachers' organizations for 30 years, how could I resist To School?

     Jolimeau, Serge (1952�   )

230. 'Mating'
23x8 (2000)

In addition to painting, four other visual arts flourish in Ha�ti:

l Vodou flags. The 'authentic' versions are used in religious ceremonies, but some are now made for the market.
Products of appliqu� distinguished by the lavish use of sequined beads, they are often works of great talent. (The
of Panama's Kuna Indian women, mostly 'reverse appliqu�,' are distant folk art cousins. Their origin and
function are different, but they too are now often produced for sale. I have a collection of over 300 molas.)

l Gourdes and bottles. Both originated as vessels to hold magical potions used in vodou ceremonies. Gourdes are
decorated � mostly by vodou priests � with beads or sequins. Bottles are sometimes painted by well�known artists.

l Wood sculpture. There are several fine artists working in this medium. Among the best is Andr� Dimanche.

l Metal sculpture. Works fashioned by cutting patterns out of steel drums and then shaped and decorated by
pounding, punching, and other techniques. Metal sculpture is a stereotypical Caribbean � and Haitian � art�form.
The late Georges Liautaud is the best�known master of Haitian metal sculpture. His one�time apprentice, Serge Jolimeau, is one of the most accomplished living metal sculptors. His work appears in several books, among
them Selden Rodman's Where Art is Joy.

     Jos�, Hilom� (   �   )

189. Marina_
c1999 (40x16)

   Hilom� Jos�, a student of Calixte Henry, seems to paint only � or mostly � marinas. He's very good at what he does, however, and no two works are quite the same. Like Henry, he applies his pigments with palette knives.


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