C�dor, Dieudonne (1925�2010)

126. Mother and Child
c1989 (24x20)

   A cabinetmaker into his early 20s, C�dor was encouraged to paint � and was mentored at the Centre d'Art � by the great Rigaud Benoit.
   The Haitian elite has long treasured the artist's sophisticated work, and particularly his portraits. C�dor's work has the feel of watercolor � another medium in which he excels.

     Chavannes, Etienne (1939�   )

136. 'F�te Chanp�tre�'_
1988 (20x24)

   Chavannes is a Cap�Haitien painter with a unique style. He studied briefly with Philom� Obin and then, in Port�au�Prince, with Neh�my Jean. Crowd scenes are his specialty.

   Many of his works feature large trees spread across the foreground, a touch I find distracting and unappealing � and that is not present in this 'Feast of St Peter.' (I sold, for a song, a tree�obscured Chavannes I once owned and had come to dislike.)
   A Chavannes is one of the few Haitian works in Rio de Janeiro's Museu Internacional do Arte Na�f.


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